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This poor guy was a founder of a failed legacy, so i present toyou Ian Keller, uploaded for simblingtaylor (and anyone else who would like him.)

He is packaged with base game clothing (because I couldn’t be arsed to look for his cc) and I encourage you to dress him up however you wish! I am not listing his traits here, you may change them and his favorites to your heart’s content! Just please don’t change his face.

I accidentally packaged him with the hair shown above because I thought it was an ambitions hair. (It may be a store hair, may be cc. I’m not sure and I don’t know how to check.) I’m sorry; It may or may not show up in game depending on which method you use to install him. Also, his skin and eyes will be your defaults.

It may interest you to know that he is a witch in my game - you may make him any supernatural you wish, or none at all - he is packed as a human. 

If you use him, please tag posts with him with simnights. I’d love to see what he gets up to!

And lastly, I will be sending Taylor the password, but if anyone else would like it, please send a message with what you’d like to use him for and I will give you the password. I got this idea from Kate and I think it’s grand. I don’t want him to just sit in someone’s bin. 

Download | .sims3pack and .sim included in .rar!

Sliders | You will need a mod to increase your slider count, if you don’t have one one already!

Happy simming!

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